Our genealogical interest started by finding a family bible containing data on the family Kooima. Also paintings of the oldest mentioned couple Berend Martinus Kooima and Fenna Sara Louis (my 2nd great grandfather and ..mother) were at my parents home. Interest faded and was gained again when my uncle came with questions about our ancestors. The urgence to find out about my ancestors and family became about 1996 so strong, that we have now entered about 37.000 persons (of which about 15.000 obtained from the NGV-floppy's: "Karel de Grote", "de Graven van Holland" and "ons Koningshuis").
This hobby is executed together with my parents, who also became infected with the "genealogical virus". Part of this research is obtained from paid research in archives, which we share because we think the gains outweigh the burden.
Below some scans from the above mentioned family bible, pictures of the paintings can be found in the textual part of my site.
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