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The program I use is more strict than the dutch law on protection of the privacy of persons in relation to references on living persons (110 year against 100 year).
Persons that still can be found in the sources are indicated as "privacy filter !".
The information on the previous page is sorted as follows:
1) Alphabetical on birth/baptism province of the children.
2) Alphabetical on the given name of the person mentioned.
Behind the mentioned person is indicated the birth or baptismplace of the children and the estimated time period of the data (until the last known date, including possibly living persons). Then the last update of this branch.
The data is for the main part retrieved from GenLias and merged. For the time being this data is not verified, apart from a few exceptions.
Several sources of mistakes are therefore possible:
  • Mistakes made in the original document
  • Transcription errors in GenLias
  • Mistakes made in merging the data

  • This should always be taken in consideration when looking at the data. In some cases also other sources are used. If an overlap is indicated between brackets then the genealogy for this branch is not given separately. If I am in doubt for some merging this either is indicated in the annotation or the data is not merged but a possible overlap is indicated in the annotation.

    Visit the archives, if possible, to obtain more accurate data!
    For the time being this site only contains preliminairy data.

    Last update 04-11-2003
    Richard van Schaik